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Book Review: Open House: Four Murders and a Funeral (Joe Costa Book 5)

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Open House: Four Murders and a Funeral (Joe Costa Book 5) by Henry Simpson is an amazing story that doesn’t have a dull moment. Joe is trying to make a career out of real estate, but it seems his past always manages to caught up with him.

Eva, a beautiful and dynamic woman, hires Joe to find out more about her husband death. Joe’s initial thought was to deny, but the good looks of Eva and the fact that the money was good made him reluctantly to accept the case.

His investigation brings him into a variety of troubles both personal and case related. Joe does what knows best, and that is always making sure he is not going to get arrested or blamed for anything.

In the process in all these, he manages to situate himself between two priests who have a vendetta goingon, one that Joy intends to profit from.

He tries to help a friend of his not to end up in jail and risking his own life in the process. The novel is fast-paced, with lots of action scenes that make you hold your breath.

It is a story that creates curiosity and the desire to keep reading until the end. The writing is great, the violence is graphic and has a cinematographic touch which I really enjoyed.

There is some sexual content, and the sex scenes are tasteful and not vulgar at all.  The dialogs are constructed in such a way that is like watching a movie.

This book is perfect if you are traveling it will definitely make your journey more meaningful and exciting.

Highly recommended

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