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Book Review: Healthy Smoothie: 51 original smoothie recipes for good eyesight

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Healthy Smoothie: 51 original smoothie recipes for good eyesight by Tori Smith is an incredible particular cookbook that aims in presenting to you easy to make smoothies that are orientated in helping to improve your vision.

The book mentions a plethora of ingredients that are used in the smoothies and how they aid the bettering of our eyes.

The cookbook offers a wealth of nutritional information that is useful and helpful for the health of our eyesight, and I learned a lot.

Most of the smoothies are Vegan in nature except a few that there is a use of milk and yogurt which you can easily substitute with plant-based alternatives.

There are no photographs of the end result of the recipes which is a shame it would increase the value of the cookbook.

The instructions are short and clear. The smoothies are easy to make, you just need a good blender or a food processor to make them.

It ‘d be good if there were a nutritional profile for each smoothie. It does provide the information of how many servings each recipe yields which is very helpful.

It’s a beautiful cookbook full with delicious tasty cooling smoothies and is perfect to have it now that summer is coming.

Also, if you are a mom then you know that smoothies are perfect for small children and babies. This book will help your baby vision to develop in a healthy way.

My favorite is a banana, mint and blueberry smoothie.

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