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Book Review: Joey Costa’s Law (Joe Costa Book 6)

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Joey Costa'sJoey Costa’s Law (Joe Costa Book 6) by Henry Simpson is a fast paced suspenseful novel that will keep your curiosity and your mind on edge until the ends.

Joe here is much much younger, he is a student at law school, and he is trying to find a job that will enable him to pay for his studies and have a decent life.

He gets a break when he is hired as a bouncer in one of the clubs operated by the Carbone family. Word on the street is that the Carbone family is not 100% legitimate and that is part of the organized crime.

Joe is a person that when he commits he always achieve his goals, he managed in a short period of time to become from a bouncer out of the door to be the head of security inside the club.

That’s where he made a lot of relationships with the club’s employees, manager, and owners.

Joe always tries to keep the balance between the other bouncers of the club, between the waitress of the club and also between the customers of the club. His position is very delicate, and some of the times things do get out of control, and that’s when he has to resolve to force to reestablish the peace.

He gets really close with the boss daughter who she is also married and the top barista of the club. Their relationship is episodic, and the book’s plot is basically center around that.

It is a fast paced plot which I like, every time I read one of Joe Costa’s story it’s like watching a movie. The sex scenes are tasteful and done with a finesse that only Henry Simpson is able to achieve.

The violence is graphic and realistic. There is no dull moment in the book. Every time I read one of Joe’s Costa stories it’s like watching a fast action movie. The plot is always addicted and keeps interested until the end

Highly recommended.

Andreas Michaelides

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