Tuesday, May 21, 2024

I Accept Books

Option A:

If you send me a hardcopy or paperback copy of your book I will provide the following for you:

  1. I will definitely read your book and leave an honest and unbiased review here at my blog.
  2. I can leave my review on Goodreads.com and anywhere else you might have your book for sale.
  3. A friend of mine will read your book and leave an honest review for your book on Amazon.com
  4. I will make an author’s profile for you here on my blog.

Option B:

If the book is in electronic form there is a procedure I follow to prioritize which books I will review or not.  Please contact me for further discussion.

All the above are free of charge. If you are interested in promoting your book more then please contact me for further information.

The only thing is that I am living in Cyprus so if you still want to send me the book this is my address.

Andreas Michaelides

Archbishop Makarios C, 90

2831 Evrychou


Have a lovely day.

My Warmest Regards,

Andreas Michaelides