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Book Review: Moon River

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Moon River by Amber D. Tran is a beautiful and honest novel written in a narrative memoir way in the first person and with lots of autobiographical information and experiences.

The language of the book is kids lingo, it is well researched as it deals with teenagers and the author managed to capture the necessary ambiance that surrounds a teenage life and its surroundings.

This story is about falling in love, having fun, testing friendships, dealing with death both physical and emotional.

The three main characters that the story is built and based are Abigail, Ryan, and Lilly and the dynamic between those three and the other kids that play a supporting role and sometimes satellite functions create a beautiful story where you can see adolescent in its full glory.

The book is so good because it allows each and every one of us to connect with some aspect of the story. The excitement of meeting someone new, the hopes and dreams of maybe this is true love or not, the disappointment that comes with betrayal, the loss of a person that you cared about. All these are aspects that I connected with the story because when I was a teenager, I went through similar situations, and it was a productive return tour down memory lane for me.

It reminded me how I gradually lost my innocence and landed in adulthood and maturity sometimes it was a soft landing sometimes I would crash and burned.

The different perspective of how teenagers view love, death, betrayal, happiness and friendship is presented in this book. Something that I really appreciated because it reminded me how I was when I was a kid and how drastically different the same situation and emotions are perceived by me now at the age of 42.

It’s an easy read, the flow of the book is capturing both with its adolescent simplicity, and the plot of the story is magnetic.

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