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Book Review: The Way of The Fairy Godmother.

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The Way of The Fairy Godmother by Jennifer Morse MS Ph.D. is a fantastic self-help motivational eBook that I really enjoyed reading.

Since 2013 when I decided to stop eating animals and animal products and adopting a plant based lifestyle I am in pursuit of two fundamental things, well for me anyway, my health and my happiness.

This book really helped me see aspects of my life where I was lacking motivation and also help me realize the things I need to improve and also adopt to improve further and elevate my happiness.

I loved the fact that the author differentiates the superficial happiness with the real one. Unfortunately, most of the people only have the superficial happiness, and the sad thing is that they think that happiness is just only that. I am not judging I used to be like that.

The writer actually managed to relate what it needs to achieve happiness by using as a media the Cinderella fairy tail. That was one, the other revolutionary for me is that instead of sticking with Cinderella as the hero it went 180 degrees and placed the Fairy Godmother as the hero in the book.

This fairy tail duo dynamic was a curious and energetic aspect that I really loved and kept me going until the end of the book.

I am sure I will have this book as a reference often when I am feeling that I am sidetracking for my happiness goals.

The nine keys of happiness that are presented I found them to be very useful and helpful to my search for happiness and also I felt so much more confident about life after reading this book.

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