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Book Review: Fun with Languages: Tips and Tricks to Master Foreign Languages Easily

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Fun with Languages: Tips and Tricks to Master Foreign Languages Easily By Monica Di Santi is a well thought and comprehensive complementary guide to whichever foreign language you are currently studying or intend to start learning.

It is a magnificent prepared and organized book that covers a plethora of all the issues that someone might consider while studying a foreign language or she or he is on the verge of starting educating themselves to a new foreign language.

The book is covering in remarkably condense structure the benefits of learning a foreign language, how to create a nice habit, how to keep yourself motivated, how to be a successful learner and overcome negative beliefs.

It provides a few books that support her claims and methods which I personally found absorbing and useful. At the same time, the quotation from many sources shows that the author did her homework and one thing I like is a good research book.

A few books I learned by reading Di Santi’s book are:

English As A Global Language, Second Edition, Cambridge University Press (2003) by David Crystal

Belief Change by Gentleman Janet and Torrence Diana

The book also covers issues of how to work with a foreign language, what to pay extra consideration like poor listening, how to improve your pronunciation, how to write in the foreign language and many more helpful and exciting methods and ideas.

Another part of the whole learning a foreign language which is covered in the book is how to learn using technology, how to use humor as an educational venue, how to use multimedia like songs and music to excite and get involved as many of our senses in the learning process.

Finally, the author offers ideas methodologies and ways for you to enjoy your foreign language abroad.

There is a detailed and complete list of what to have in mind when you are planning for a journey abroad.

The traveler’s checklist and the trip safety tips are well researched, and I actually learned a lot.

Exquisite complementary philosophical and practical at the same time guide for learning a foreign language.

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