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Book Review: Learning How to Fly: A Speed Reel Journey Toward Life’s Purpose

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Learning How to Fly: A Speed Reel Journey Toward Life’s Purpose by Britt Lind is the actor’s autobiography.

It is, of course, biased like any autobiography, but the one thing that I really loved about this book is that it’s full of love. Self-love that the author realized had to start practicing to get away from recurring situations that were not beneficial for her. Respect for other people, even when fellow actors and actresses were doing wrong by her, she did not hold grunge or a hateful attitude. Finally an undying love for our fellow walkers on this beautiful green-blue planet, the animals.

Perseverance is Britt Lind’s dominant characteristic. She had to have patience and resilience. Being an immigrant is not an easy task. Leaving your country and your loved ones behind, uprooting from your heritage and your friends, all these leave scars on your psyche.

Adaptation to the new country, starting all over again, trying to fit in and start living a healthy life. Britt did all these with flying colors, and she didn’t have a lot of help from her parents growing up.

Britt Lind wanted to be an actress above all, and she did just that, she just did it. Was it easy? Of course not, was it terrifying, not knowing how the bills will get paid and what tomorrow will bring? Of course, it is. Britt Lind did not yield, and I think one of the reasons she was not as famous as other actresses of her time is that she kept her integrity and did not sleep around to get roles like many people in her profession did and still do today.

The narration is calm and gives you the impression that the author managed to distance herself from her life and actually watch her life as a movie and catalog her into the book for us to read.

It takes a lot of patience to do that and is something I always try to do because it allows you to spot your mistakes and correct them.

Finally, the love that the author has for animals is legendary, at some point she had a big group of cats and dogs and also helped to create and even managed organizations that are pro-animal, and until today she is still active against animal abuse.

This is a beautiful book, written with love and understanding and you should read it.

It made me cry when her cat was eaten by coyotes, it made me smile. Confronting the racist woman from the south, it made me think and wonder.

This book if you allow it to influence you will make you a better person and will give you a real picture of how being an actress works and also how we abuse animals for our own personal gain.

Andreas Michaelides

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