q Book Review: Beloved Lives: A Paranormal Romantic Suspense Novel
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Book Review: Beloved Lives: A Paranormal Romantic Suspense Novel

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Beloved Lives by Marilyn Evans

This is my first paranormal romantic book I read and I have nothing else to compare it. I just wanted to say this because well that’s the truth and I love telling the truth.

A lot of the paranormal issues that are covered and mentioned in the book personally I think they are hocus pocus. Maybe that’s why I didn’t really “got” the story. To be honest it alienated me a bit.

April is a divorced woman that is going through a bad time and her two pillars of comfort and support its her cat named Winston and her best friend Trish.

After the divorce she started having nightmares again and her search of finding out more about them led her and Trish in enrolling in a paranormal class hat was taught by a cute man named Mitch.

Mitch is going to play a cathartic and important role in her life.

I liked the fact that the book presents a plethora of paranormal activities. Having April run everyday and also being divorced is something I can relate since I do like running and I am divorced so I did connect with the character.

It is a pleasant read, I found it light reading, not too much drama, even that towards the end April was in danger it was not decorated with too much heavy emotions or feelings.

I believe that the author did a great job with her first novel and I am sure her next books will be more addictive and suspenseful.

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