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Book Review: I am A failure….

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I am A failure by Akhil Sharma is a book that depends on what you expect and wants, it will either please you or disappoint you.

The author tried to present a lot of issues that troubled him over the years. From since he was in elementary school, then college and all the phases a person goes through his life.

His intentions I believe are sincere and I genuinely think that he tried presenting with this book the fact that we will always have failures in our life. What we do with them is the secret that will define our future failures or successes.

I did enjoy the stories from India and events from everyday life. The milk delivery, the caste system, trying to find a girlfriend and ending up joining a gang.

The incident with the cow that left him a severe scar. His attempts to try a girlfriend through internet were also very amusing.

His efforts to try and sell their service or product in India was also something that I found interesting to read, what really annoyed me a little is that he never reveals what they were trying to sell.

The book has excellent material to become the best selling one. In my opinion, there are some issues the author needs to address first if he wants his book to become better.

First, the English used in the book is not the English of native speaking people use (U.S.A. – U.K.- Canada – Australia, etc.). Because of this a lot of humorous situations in the book are not understood, and this devalues the whole picture of the book. Furthermore, the book’s reading flow is negatively affected by this.

Second, the book has not a specific goal, you need to have a purpose, a target something that a reader will benefit from. The lack of a particular didactic conclusion made me want to stop reading at some point.

I believe that the author will come back in the future with a second edition that will show the real potential of his writing.

I truly believe that the book has the potential to become a wonderful self-help  non-fiction guide with the proper edit.

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