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Book Review: White Wine & Medical Marijuana: A Compilation of Poems.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
White Wine & Medical Marijuana: A Compilation of Poems by Julia Cirignano is a lovely poetry collection that will comfort, attract and startle you as the author claims in her preface of the book.

I never liked poetry, and I never understand classical music. But I do enjoy classical music because I stopped trying too much to understand it, I just listen now, and I appreciate it.

That’s what I did with this book, I know nothing about poetry, so I just read the poems and kept my mind open.

I received confusion and despair, hope and happiness, sadness and fear, anger and humility.

The author beautifully orchestrated a beautiful therapeutic method using her poems to heal her psyche from the impact of failed love affairs, life’s challenging events, and the dead ends life seems to throw at us in moments that we think everything is ok.

The use of Alcohol and medical Marihuana was part of the author’s attempts to heal her soul from the depression that sometimes comes after we lose something or someone.

The five stages of loss are depicted in the collection, and I think the author found a better way of balancing her life and walking the illuminating path of health and happiness.

I liked the fact the poems create sharp images, and some of them gave me the ability to see them in my head as short movies.

I connected with some of the poems, but the one I liked is “ The Moment You  Lost Your Power.”

Was when I fell in love for the second time…” that’s how it starts, and maybe I liked so much because I am in love now for the second time after my divorce a year ago.

Julia Cirignano is still young, but her poems reveal a much more “older” personality and benevolent ethos. I will not get surprised if in the future this young lady receives the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

I think the best thing to do if you want to enjoy these poems is to let go, open your mind, forget the everyday little distractions of life.

If you can do that, then the poems will travel you to the dimension of Julia’s Cirignano mind.

Highly Recommended.


Andreas Michaelides

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