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Book Review: Even The Trees Were Crying

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Even The Trees Were Crying by Ernie Carwile is a book that personally found really difficult to read. The stories described are dark and shocking.

The reason I felt like that is that unlike the author I grew up in a family that the central concept was love and understanding. Where trust and the safe environment between my parents and me was a given.

Ernie Carwile’s story about he was sexually abused for years by his father is a story that reminded me deep in my heart that there are people in our society that they are dying slowly every day because they are sexually abused.

I really loved the fact that the author using alcohol and nicotine addiction explained how societies are in denial about Sexual Abuse.

Also, the fact that he gave so much useful information about the Michael Jackson trial for me was a revelation and at the same time exposed how people react and deal with famous people. He shows that the status of a person always clouds the judgment of other people.

I loved the book because it’s honest and it doesn’t hide anything. The author’s approach is actually human. He admits that the methods he used to get better and to heal his psyche might not work for others.

His ugly journey through, alcohol addiction, marijuana smoking, using illegal and legal drugs are breathtaking, and they actually gave me a better look into the-the depths of a person that was a victim of Sexual Abuse.

A lot of his techniques that the writer presents and a lot of the symptoms of Sexual assault, in my opinion, are universal and can be applied in other cases of abuse with a little bit of change.

If you are a victim of Sexual Abuse then this book it’s going to be even harder for you to read, but I do believe that if you read this book, it will help you find your way into a healing path that will allow you to lead a healthy life.

Also, other people that have family or friends that are Sexual abused reading this book will give you a definite understanding of a how a sexual assault victim psyche was traumatized and you be able to help them.

Officials and people that their work is taking care victims of Sexual Abuse, Addicts, etc. I am sure will give this book a very interesting and helpful reading manual that will allow them to do their work even more efficiently.

I Highly recommend this book.

Andreas Michaelides

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