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How to have strong erections every night… Without the aid of medical help!

How to have strong erections every night…

This article was lingering in my head for some time now but I finally sat down and wrote it. What sparked me to write it is a scene from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding I saw. It’s when  Ian’s father in law told him the reason that he only has one girl and not boys like the other guys there and it is because he is vegetarian, his sperm is slow. That really made me laugh – you need to see the scene to really get it- because people link eating meat with strength and virility, is it really like that though? I leave you to find out by yourself, these are my thoughts on the matter.

When a man cannot perform adequately during an intercourse session, feelings of shame and fear of ridicule from the opposite sex and also from his fellow male friends if confided to them are the two most important reasons why guys go and look for help and solutions in little blue and other colorful pills so next time they won’t have to deal with that event ever again, Now, taking those pills  though is easy and it does produce solid results  but with what cost?

Let’s see Viagra for a moment, the most famous of all these drugs. Common side effects of Viagra consumption are Backache, oh yes, that will help you with the missionary position!  Dizzy, yep that will come handy with your aiming, Feel Like Throwing Up, imagine you having sex and you need to throw up, very romantic I am sure, the list goes on with  Head Pain, Indigestion, Nosebleed, Stuffy Nose, Temporary Redness of Face and Neck talking about being a redneck taking that pill in the first place.,  Visible Water Retention

I think I made my point. The whole Idea is to have fun and give and receive pleasure when you have sex, taking Viagra on the long term is not good for your health first which is the most important thing and your sex life of course.

There are other side effects that are as not common as the one I mentioned and they are more severe. 

Until today there are doctors and other healthcare professionals and of course a big chunk of the population on this planet that considers men that have problems getting it up to be sufferers mostly of stress.

He is stressed because of work, because of a new assignment he is working on, a new project stressed him out. He is stressed because he is unemployed and he is afraid that he won’t make the mortgage payments etc.

Stress Stress Stress, the leading cause of many illnesses, diseases and chronic conditions I agree with that. I am not going to play doctor here but yes stress does contribute to the realization of certain illnesses and various conditions, such as the erectile dysfunction (ED)

Until today when men go to the doctor for this problem, they are usually sent to a  psychiatrist because they consider that stress, anxiety and emotional turmoil is the cause of this very physical problem.

What if I told you that the main cause of men not being able to make the little snake shake is not stress but the fact that you eat meat yep you heard me right, guys out there who have erectile dysfunction most of them is because they eat dead flesh (either land or sea animals) and their products.

Also, it’s because of lack of exercise plus the combination of eating junk food that leads to being overweight and obese. If you want to start exercising check out my book “How to train and finish your first 5k race.

Especially the guys in the USA eat a lot of meat, eat a lot of junk food (processed filled with too much salt, sugar, and saturated fat.) and the USA has the highest percentage of men with this very important problem. Lots of dysfunctional weenies in this planet about 100 million.

Now smart doctors, enlightened doctors, doctors that actually want to heal and cure their patients do not send them to the psychiatrist but they send them to a cardiologist, yep you heard me right again, men with erectile dysfunction are now being treated as patients with a heart problem, why is that? Well, let’s analyze it.

The penis and the heart share a very significant part, they both have arteries. When you eat meat, you put in your body, saturated fat which is very bad for you and cholesterol which is needed by the body, that’s why the body makes its own every day in the liver, any extra cholesterol the body receives through diet it deposits it on the most available storing place it can find and guess where that is? Exactly, it deposits it in the arteries and preferably to the heart arteries because they are so big and easily accessible.

Pain chess anyone? Angina anyone? Keep eating meat and you will get worse!

Another place the body deposits cholesterol is guessed again come on? Yes, you find it in the arteries of the penis! Many doctors refer the Erectile Dysfunction as Penile Angina now, men that have erectile dysfunction by a big percentage they also have cardiac problems too.

The cholesterol blocked the penis’ arteries obstructing the blood flow to the penis resulting in flaccid little weenies.

The diameter of the penis’ arteries is smaller in comparison with the arteries of the heart so they clog faster. So if you have erectile dysfunction and you have a good life with no stress or added anxiety and you can’t get it up then maybe you should check out what you put in your mouth every day.

I am a plant-based eater myself, I have been for the last 3 years, before that I ate meat and I really didn’t have any problems with my erections, but after adopting a vegan diet I can tell you they are even better, longer and stronger and like a car that can accelerate fast provided it gets the right fuel I can have faster erections now since I was a meat eater and junk food addict.  You can read about my journey and my quest for health in my first book Thirsty for Health.

What you need to do if you have an erectile dysfunction is to go to a doctor and check out your cholesterol level also check out your heart arteries and start adopting a more plant-based diet.

Eating meat does not make you stronger and more of a man, it makes you weak, incompetent and makes you a perfect candidate for a series of diseases, including, kidney stones, diabetes II, arthritis, heart conditions, strokes  the list is endless, the more meat you eat the more of your chances of erectile dysfunction, if you manage to adopt a plant-based diet you will see firsthand (wink) that your penis will be ready to hang the flag again.

Consumption of meat today is like smoking was during the fifties, everybody was doing it because nobody knew about the harmful effects on the body. People stopped smoking when the General Surgeon of USA announced that the body of scientific evidence shows clearly that smoking is bad for your health and contributes to the creation of cancer.

I am wondering what the current General Surgeon of America does now, where’s the scientific evidence that meat, dairy, and processed food consumption is bad for the health, I wonder why doesn’t he make the announcement?

I will tell you why, political and economical interests have managed to infiltrate in every government’s key positions that control people’s health and they sing the song the big-Pharma, big pork, big, beef, big egg, big dairy is telling them to sing.

YOU, on the other hand, have no excuse, the information is out there and you need to start reading for your own sake, for your penis, for your family, and for your kids.

Consult dieticians that are vegans or promote a healthy plant-based diet.

What you need to do is gradually add fruits and vegetables to your diet and you will notice a considerable energy gain and also mood change for the better.  Fruit and vegetables have antioxidants that improve blood flow thus improving your erections.

Beet juice especially has been shown by numerous scientific researchers that it drops blood pressure and improves erections because of the Nitrate it contains, which the body transforms into  Nitric Oxide which is responsible for loosening the arteries and helping the blood flow better.

If you are using drugs like Viagra and other stuff I am telling you to use that money to go and buy some fruits and vegetables, as I said and also some pistachios, research had shown that a handful of pistachios every day helped men with erectile dysfunction considerably.

There are a lot of Vegan challenges you can take and also plant-based challenges online,  here are some of them that I also suggest my latest books: 

Here is a list of a few plant-based vegan challenges

I do not earn any money by suggesting these links to you just making this clear; I am just referring them to you to see how easy it is to find these kinds of information.

Plant-based Doc’s

I am going to give you a list of doctors and dieticians that I have been following for the last 3 years and they helped me immensely with every bit of doubt or question I had about weight loss and exercises and generally if a plant-based diet is suitable for humans.

These are the doctors and dieticians I follow and read their books, watched their lectures on YouTube or read their articles there are dozens more out there which can help you like these people help me.

So stop whining and start reading, like I did years ago. I read and I found the truth which is in a nutshell, stop eating our companions on this life and on this planet- the other animals. DO not eat anything that has a face a mother and a nervous system. Our digestive system is designed and evolved for a plant-based diet; we are not lions or dogs. We are herbivores. So if you want to have strong erections for the rest of your life, stop eating meat and dairy! And you won’t regret it. If you think it’s difficult to switch to a plant-based diet then my answer is this,  there are no hard or easy tasks, there is only time and effort invested accomplishing your goal. If you invest too little, yes its going to be hard if you invest a lot then it’s going to be easy. Check my book  The Food I Grew Up With…: Veganized! For some yummy recipes and also to see my mindset before and after my transition.



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