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Book Review: The Last Sinner: A Chilling Thriller with a Shocking Twist – A Bentz/Montoya Novel by Lisa Jackson.

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Lisa Jackson, known for her gripping and suspenseful novels, delivers once again with “The Last Sinner: A Chilling Thriller with a Shocking Twist.” This installment in the Bentz/Montoya series takes readers on a dark and twisted journey through the mind of a killer, keeping them on the edge of their seats until the very end.

The story centers around detectives Rick Bentz and Reuben Montoya, who find themselves investigating a series of brutal murders in the small town of Grizzly Falls. The victims, all women, are being killed in a manner that mirrors the crimes of a notorious serial killer who haunted the town years ago. As the body count rises, Bentz and Montoya are forced to confront their own demons while desperately trying to catch a killer who seems to know every move they make.

From the very beginning, Jackson hooks the reader with a sense of unease and foreboding. Her atmospheric writing immerses the reader in the chilling setting of Grizzly Falls, where secrets lurk around every corner. The small-town dynamics and deep-rooted connections between characters add an extra layer of complexity to the narrative, creating an engaging and multi-dimensional world.

The character development in “The Last Sinner” is exceptional. Both Bentz and Montoya are flawed, yet relatable characters with their own personal struggles. Jackson delves into their pasts, revealing their fears, regrets, and personal demons, which adds depth and complexity to their roles as detectives. The supporting cast is equally well-drawn, each with their own unique motivations and secrets that keep the reader guessing.

As the investigation unfolds, Jackson masterfully weaves together multiple plotlines and layers of suspense. The pacing is relentless, with each chapter ending on a cliffhanger that compels the reader to keep turning the pages. The author’s ability to build tension and maintain a sense of dread throughout the story is truly commendable.

One of the standout aspects of “The Last Sinner” is the shocking twist that occurs midway through the book. Without revealing too much, it turns the entire narrative on its head, leaving the reader questioning everything they thought they knew. Jackson’s skillful execution of this twist is both unexpected and satisfying, adding a new level of complexity to the story and deepening the psychological aspects of the thriller.

Moreover, Jackson’s prose is smooth and effortless, allowing the reader to become fully engrossed in the story without distraction. Her attention to detail and vivid descriptions paint a vivid picture of the town and its inhabitants, making it feel like a character in its own right.

However, a minor flaw in the book is the occasional predictability of certain plot points. While the main twist is a shock, some smaller reveals and character motivations may be anticipated by astute readers. Nonetheless, this does not detract significantly from the overall enjoyment of the story.

In conclusion, “The Last Sinner: A Chilling Thriller with a Shocking Twist” is another stellar addition to Lisa Jackson’s repertoire. With its captivating characters, atmospheric setting, and relentless suspense, this book will keep readers guessing until the final page. Jackson’s ability to craft a compelling narrative filled with unexpected twists and turns is on full display, making this a must-read for fans of the genre. Prepare to be enthralled, unnerved, and left craving for more as you delve into the dark and twisted world of “The Last Sinner.”


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