q Book review: Just in Case Shit HAPPENS
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Book review: Just in Case Shit HAPPENS

Photograph by Sasin Tipchai

Just in Case Shit HAPPENS BY D’Lisa DarLuz is a lovely collection of affirmations about a plethora of issues that we encounter in our everyday life.

I found the statements smart, elegant, useful and helpful. I particularly connected with the following one: “People change on their terms. I am here to support that change, not control it.” Which for me is something that I remind myself everyday especially when I argue with other people or when I do not agree with them?
Before I read this book, I did not use affirmations consciously anyway. This book gave me many ideas and also will help me deal with the realities of life better, and I am sure I will have it as a reference.
It covers issues like Health, employment, self-esteem family, forgiveness to name a few.
If you want your life to shift to a better version, then this affirmation will help you start doing it.
I was offered the opportunity to read this book for free to give an honest review.

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