q Book review: Ketogenic Diet: how to guide for beginners.
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Book review: Ketogenic Diet: how to guide for beginners.

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I was offered the opportunity to read this book for free to give an honest review.

Ketogenic Diet: how to guide for beginners by Andrew Jackson is a brief book that describes what a ketogenic diet is, what it suppose to do and how to apply it to have weight loss results.
The book is well written, and it does present the particular diet. On a personal note, I completely disagree with this kind of foods; they are another hybrid of the famous Atkins diet.
This kind of diets are good for the first six months;they do help you lose weight which is mostly water because you deny yourself the natural food of the human body which is carbs.
The body cannot thrive on ketosis. Long term ketosis will make your cholesterol levels go up because of too much saturated fat and cholesterol you take from animal products.
Another myth of the ketogenic diets is that animal products which are the basis of this kind of foods do not raise the insulin levels. On the contrary, research has repeatedly shown that they raise insulin levels more than carbs.

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