Monday, October 2, 2023
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Book Review: Stop The Slip: Reducing Slips, Trips and Falls: The 1 Cause of Emergency Room Visits

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Stop The Slip: Reducing Slips, Trips and Falls: The 1 Cause of Emergency Room Visits by Thom Disch is a book that for me personally put into perspective of how little we think about slips, trips and falls and also how little we do to prevent them.

It is a remarkable book with extensive research backing it. The author really did his homework, and furthermore, he is in the business of preventing slips, trips and falls thus making this book even more useful and helpful because it is saturated with real-life examples and experiences that stem from the author’s extensive avocation.

I was surprised to learn that the tare of falling is the same across our life from the time we area babies until our old age. The difference is that because older people tend to injured more and recover slower we are stuck with an image that only older people fall down. That was a beautiful piece of information that really made me think and reevaluate the way I behave in and out of my house.

The book is thesaurus of information of why slips, trips, and falls happen. When they occur, how we can prevent them and also it provides an effective information through statistical charts that help the reader grasp even better how we should deal with slips, trips, and fall thus reducing the number of emergency visits to the hospital.

This book is written in such a way that any person can pick it up and find out how to reduce the risks of falling down and also this book will be useful to people who work as a security officer in big business or small business since the book also covers how to prevent accidents in the workplace.

If a business follows the suggestions of this book, it will save a lot of money and time as their employees are a concern.

Make sure to get a copy of this book because one day it will save your life or family members or a colleague at work.

Andreas Michaelides

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