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Book Review: EAT HOT…LOOK HOT™, Sneak Preview Edition, Secret Strategies to Lose Weight Quickly: Burn More Fat and Boost Your Metabolism at any Age!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
EAT HOT…LOOK HOT™, Sneak Preview Edition, Secret Strategies to Lose Weight Quickly: Burn More Fat and Boost Your Metabolism at any Age!
by Alessandra Solis is what the title says a sneak preview of what the author applied in her personal life to lose weight.

The author claims that by adding a secret ingredient to your diet, it will help you lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate. She also claims that you don’t have to do any calorie restriction or change anything from your diet.

I do agree that diets that work on restricting calories are not viable and most important not healthy at all. The author does state in her book that the secret strategy that she reveals in her book is not to help people to be more healthy but to look hot as the title says.

At least she is honest, and I respect that. She divides her lifestyle/diet plan into four phases. The secret ingredient the author used and still uses that she claims made her lose a lot of weight in only one month is foods that contain capsaicin. A component found in peppers and generally in spicy food.

So what the author proposes is to eat hot (spicy food) which will boost your metabolism. It gives an outstanding presentation of the health benefits of capsaicin and eating spicy foods and also warns that people with stomach problems or other gastrointestinal problems should not try this diet. Furthermore, people who already eat spicy food should increase the dosage of spicy food they eat if they want to see results.

The author advocates that you must at least try and stick with the diet for a month to see some results. I have a few concerns about this determined way of eating. First, the author lost a lot of weight in one month about 15 pounds which for me that’s a lot and dangerous but again she did state that the dieting she offers is to look hot and not necessarily be healthy.

She gives foods that she eats that contain the capsaicin ingredient and also recipes that you can prepare to start using her method. In the complete book, she promises to provide a more complete and comprehensive methodology with menus and plans and a lot more that will help you apply more fully her proposed lifestyle/diet.

One thing you can’t deny about this book is that it is well researched, and a lot of scientific papers are quoted and presented as sources.

I know for sure that capsaicin does boost metabolic rate and also helps to burn more brown fat from our body.

The author’s proposition does have a scientific base and proven validity, but personally, I would never follow this diet because it’s not healthy. If you want to look hot and not care about your health so much, then this way of practicing your eating habits its ok.

What I took from this book is that it’s a good idea to add food to my already way of eating that contains capsaicin. Unfortunately, I can’t eat spicy foods because it affects my stomach but I do eat fresh red, green, yellow peppers in my salads and also in other forms.

There is always something to learn from every book. Eat Hot Look Hot provides information based on scientific facts, from trial and error actions of the author and for me the most important thing is that it doesn’t beat around the bush, it tells you the truth, this way of eating is to lose fat and look good.

If you want to emerge yourself in a different approach as for how to lose weight, then this is the book for you. I can’t wait to read the full version of the book and learn more about it.

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