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Book Review: Raw Vegan: Is Raw Vegan Harmful?

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Raw Vegan: Is Raw Vegan Harmful? by Urban Založnik is an admirable effort to introduce to the public what Raw Veganism is and also to show if it’s harmful or not.Raw Vegan: Is Raw Vegan Harmful? by Urban Založnik is an admirable effort to introduce to the public what Raw Veganism is and also to show if it’s harmful or not.

Like many people in the back of my mind, I thought that a raw vegan only eats fruits and vegetables which is partly right. The definitions of raw foodism are food that is not cooked beyond the temperature of 48 C or 118 F.

The book is very comprehensive because it covers pretty much anything that anyone that wants to know about raw veganism.

It covers the theory of why you should adopt a raw lifestyle, it advocates and presents the health benefits of raw veganism.

One of the cool things about the book is that it uses many case studies to illustrate and point out the various obstacles, benefits and any other aspect is a concern about the raw movement.

I found the case studies really informative because I saw how ordinary people like me deal and face the challenge of adopting raw veganism as a lifestyle.

The author advocates that normal eating is unhealthy, meaning cooked food, I disagree on this issue. Some studies show that some cooked food like tomatoes and carrots increase the bioavailability of certain nutrients.

I am 80% raw plant based eater and 20% cooked plant based eater, my nutrition is vegan I just didn’t adopt the lifestyle.

I loved the fact that the author tackled the issues of vitamin and mineral deficiencies and presented a very thoughtful and organized presentation of which vitamins and minerals a raw vegan should take under consideration. Like the B12 issue, Iron deficiency, protein intake and much more.

It gives solutions and answers to all the issues a future candidate raw vegan will want to know before making the transition. It also presents other activities that someone should start along raw veganism like exercising and efforts to reduce stress.

Another lovely addition to the book is seven chapter bonuses which cover a plethora of practical situations like recipes for breakfast, lunch, Dinner, Desserts.

Also, it shows you how to prepare raw food a lot of different techniques like juicing and stirring and mixing and also what kind of cooking utensils and machines to use like juicers, blenders, dehydrators, etc.

Finally, fasting is presented and how to combine it with raw veganism like juicing. Smoothies are also given in the final bonus chapter.

Overall even I do not agree with some aspects of it, it does present what a Raw Veganism lifestyle is, it does give practical solutions to questions that many people out are wondering about. For me personally, it gave me the sense that raw veganism is doable if you take a lot of things under consideration and it is a thoughtful guide to starting your journey towards raw veganism.

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