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Book Review: Happily Ever After

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Happily Ever After: How to Live A More Fulfilled Life By Getting Rid Of Small-Scale Addictions by Andreas Wagner, is a short, and to the point book about small scale addictions that hinder our life. Most of the times these minuscule for many of us “habits” are not even noticeable, we consider them to be a natural part of our life not even thinking that hurts us both physically and mentally or stops us from completing the goals that we setup for ourselves, friends or family.

Being a nicotine addict myself for sixteen years (1993 – 2009) I completely understand the points that the author tries to make, inform and educate its audience about addictions.

Porn addiction is a real menace in our society and it entered into our lives slowly and under the radar. The explosion of the internet technologies that dominate our life like an iron feast for the last 30 years help spread this antisocial behavior and addiction.

The author is right to note that before the internet, porn addiction was less frequent and more difficult for a person to get addicted because of the lack of availability. In the digital age we are living we have pay services that offer exclusively porn movies and adult content 24/7 right into our house and private life without even getting out the house or our couches!

Personally, I found stopping tobacco cigarettes easier than stopping eating harmful food and drinks. Losing 44 pounds was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do in my life. It is true that food addiction is a much harder addiction to stop because it involves more social interactions than smoking, it is everywhere and in every aspect of our lives.

The author’s suggestion for intermittent fasting is one good way to start controlling your appetite and also take control of what you eat and drink. I personally found it very useful when I want to control my insulin levels, lose some fat and gain more muscle, especially if I am training for a long distance race.

I usually fast for 16 hour and then have one big dinner 2 to 3 hours before I go to bed.

People die from video games too, I know it might sound strange for some people but it is a well document addiction. You can see it in today’s children playing for hours in from of the computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The author is right to note this kind of addiction because it affects mostly children and the consequences in the future are severely. Lots of kids grow up lacking basic social skills and are out of sync with reality.

Other addictions like gambling, online dating shopping and many more are addressed and this book worth’s your attention and will benefit you immensely if you have it on your library shelf.

It is a short read but will help you a long way both now and into the future.

Andreas Wagner managed to present a book that is a useful and helpful list of small addictions someone is good to pay attention too and also warn  other people for their presence and harmful effects.

Andreas Michaelides

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