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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
How to... Quit Smoking

How To Stop Smoking

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My adamant opinion is that going cold turkey is the only way to quit smoking. Yes, of course, there are other ways and methods, but the vast majority of people that quit tobacco use and were successful made it with the Cold Turkey method. The Cold Turkey method says just stop smoking and not using any NRT’s or cutting gradually down. COLD TURKEY is the most successful method, it was the manner that allowed me to quit successfully back in 2009 and I am still smoke-free, also it was the way I used instinctively in my previous attempts except for the first one which was with nicotine patches.

If you listen to your body, the only way to get rid of an addiction is to stop delivering to your system the addictive agent, in my case back in 2009 and at your current status dear reader Nicotine. Nicotine addiction is the reason people smoke; it’s one of the most powerful chemical substances and a heavy drug in my book. Smoking kills annually more people than all the people that die from the illegal drugs combined!

Now let’s see why Cold Turkey method is ideal for you.

Let’s see the advantages of cold turkey method:

  1. The vast majority used and continue to use this method to quit smoking because it’s the natural process your body asks of  you.
  2. It’s the cheapest way to stop smoking you don’t spend any money on NRT’s or other prescribed drugs.
  3. It’s the safest way to quit smoking, no possible side effects like prescription drugs inflict that supposedly help you quit smoking.

Many you will say to me that I am wrong that there are many ways to quit smoking-yes I will give you that there are many ways but the best way that has the statistics on its side its cold turkey method. All the other methods which I pretty much tried like cutting down, gradually smoking fewer cigs, or NRT’s like nicotine patch. Other methods which I did not try like prescription drugs, hypnosis, acupuncture and so many others statistically are not successful methods because their success rate is negligible at best.

I mean do you want to get rid of the addiction once and for all, do you want to be successful do you want to take back your life do you want to be a winner from now on then don’t think twice go cold turkey!

The above article is an excerpt from my book series The Best Way To Stop Smoking Permanently



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