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Book Review: Your Mind is a Liar: And why this is good news if you are trying to change!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Your Mind is a Liar: And why this is good news if you are trying to change! by Joshua Cartwright is a personal story of the author that expands and presents to the reader ways, methods and practical exercises that will enable us to understand better when something is authentic or not.

The author, in my opinion, using his own personal experiences conclusively shows us how most of the time your mind, our brain does not indeed present us the reality but a virtual reality that at the present point in our life’s seems to be “good” for us.

Through numerous examples and also a plethora of helpful and useful practical exercises and questionnaires this book will help you become a more objective person.

To be able to spot when something is not right for you, to be able to silence your mind, to be able to spot when you are acting based on feelings and emotions instead of with your logic all these abilities is something this book will help you acquire.

The book also explores why we need pain and how we can use that to our advantage, furthermore taking responsibility for our action will set us free and help us become a better person.

Finally and not least stressing and fearing for things that are unknown or are new is also addressed and methods and solutions are offered and explained.

It I a well-researched book, with lots of books being referenced and lots of movies and songs are used as examples making the points of the book even clearer.

If you feel you are stuck and you only see dead ends in your life, then this book will help you acquire a new set of skills that will help you improve and escape into a better living an experience that you always wanted to have and transform into the person that you always wanted to be.

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