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Book Review: Don’t Eat the Oil: The Health Consequences of Consuming “Vegetable Oils”

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Don’t Eat the Oil: The Health Consequences of “Vegetable Oils” by Thomas Copmann is not an easy book to read.

It has a lot of medical, laboratory and scientific terminology that you need to have a level of scientific knowledge to be able to comprehend the information given completely.

That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to read. If you stick with it, you can learn vital information as vegetable oils is a concern. You will find out which vegetable oils according to always with the author are healthy and not healthy for you.

The author supports his arguments based on researchers and lots of scientific data. It advocates that in contrary to general belief that polyunsaturated fats are not healthy for the human body and through his search and arguments connects them with some chronic illnesses like cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer.

It is a book that should be studied by anyone that already has a certain level of nutrition education either official (doctors etc. generally ) or other people who are more informed about health issues than the general populace

It is a helpful and useful book that will reveal a lot of issues that will riddle your mind for a long time.

If you really want to have a different view into vegetable oils then this is the book for you. I agree with the author that oils, in general, are not good for you, even olive oil.

I am a firm supporter of eating whole plant based food. Eat olives, not olive oil, eat sunflower seeds, not sunflower oil and so on.

A beautiful chapter in the book is also devoted in seeds oil. It covers the way the oil it’s produced and also history events which I really enjoyed.

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