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Types of Crowns and its uses!!

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Types of Crowns and its uses!!

Dental crowns are a tooth-shaped cap that is placed to restore the strength, shape, and size of the tooth. Beside the functionality corrections, they are also used to improve the aesthetics. They are used in treatments such as Dental Implants, Bridge, and sometimes even after Root Canal Treatment.

With advancement in dental technology crowns now are of various types. Depending on your case you can choose from the list of dental crowns available.

The various types of tooth crown are:

Ceramic Dental Crown – These are porcelain-based crowns and bend naturally with your tooth color. Due to this, they are mostly used for front teeth. The patients having aesthetic concerns opt for such crowns.

Porcelain-fused to metal – As the name suggests these crowns have a metal base and a ceramic coating which makes them look like natural teeth. The metallic base is responsible for strength and durability.

Gold Alloys – These crowns are a mixture of gold, copper and other metals. These are the strongest of all and will neither fracture nor wear away. They withstand most external forces and resist for a longer duration. The only drawback is its color. Being golden in color they shine from a distance and therefore are used for molars, i.e., the back teeth.

Metal Alloys – Metal crowns are incredibly strong and do not corrode. They too resist the chewing and external forces. They are relatively cheaper than gold alloys, and because they are visible, therefore, they are mostly used for back teeth or molars. The other concern is that some or rather a minimal amount of tooth structure needs to be removed before applying the same.

Since all these crowns specialize in their own type, the question that arises is what type of crown will suit your need. Your dentist is the best person to guide you about the same. However, you can also make a decision by following judgments about the same:

Sealing Ability – All the crowns listed above have an excellent sealing ability against leakage. But for porcelain fused crowns the sealing ability depends on the type of material used for filling and also the quality of tooth on which filling is done.

Durability – If it is about strength and long-lasting working, then, metal alloys and gold fit your needs. Porcelain though satisfies the aesthetic need but is not as strong as gold and metal and is susceptible to pressure if any. Gold and metal crowns, on the other hand, are gentle on the adjacent teeth and do not let them wear down quickly.

Because these crowns work exactly like your natural teeth, therefore, require similar care and protection. Maintaining good oral hygiene increase the life of these crowns. Brush twice a day gently along with flossing and rinsing are the necessary few steps to be followed to maintain good oral hygiene. If you are concerned about the suitability of age, then there is nothing to worry about. One can get dental crowns at any age.

Your dentists can guide you best as to what type of crown to be used and what will be the cost of the dental crown. Visit your nearby dental clinic for the best tooth crown option and get that perfect smile back in a few days.

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