Sunday, May 19, 2024
Quit Smoking

Two free books that will help you quit smoking forever.

Photograph by Hanjörg Scherzer

I wish I knew the knowledge that these two amazing books contain. I wish I read them when I attempted my final try to get rid of myself from the nicotine prison back in 2009.  I am sure the transition of quit forever and becoming a non-smoker would have been easier for me and not so painful, especially in the psychological area. Both writers have extensive experience with the Cold Turkey method. This is the most successful method contrary to popular believe. Stop believing and start learning, search and find out. These two authors and especially Joel Spitzer helped thousands of people quit smoking using the Cold Turkey method. Everything you need to know on how, when and why you should quit smoking are in these two Free! books. You can read them yourself or you can give them as gifts to people you think will benefit from them.

I highly recommend to download and  read these two books:

Joel Spitzer’s free ebook  Never Take Another Puff

John R. Polito’s free ebook Freedom from Nicotine – The Journey Home

Andreas Michaelides

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