q Book Review: Return to Gnosis: Knowledge of the Sacred & What Keeps Us from It
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Book Review: Return to Gnosis: Knowledge of the Sacred & What Keeps Us from It

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Return to Gnosis: Knowledge of the Sacred & What Keeps Us from It by Nick Reed is an anthology of stories that are flirting with the limits of reality and dream. They are amazing stories that were written in a period of six years illustrating the author’s reflections, concerns, and worries.

The author uses 26 personal stories to address the central issue of how someone can discover who he/she really is. Self-knowledge is something that can be achieved by asking yourself questions like what do I really know? What do I really want? I think the author managed through his book to illustrate these concepts.

Another issue I really liked was the presentation of the association of microcosmic and macrocosmic levels of existence. The author adequately shows that as humans we are both at the same time.

Another concept I liked was that one is many and many are one. This sacred notion is elementary and crucial to understanding both our physical world but also the unseen version of it, the one that we cannot detect with our senses.

My ancestors (Ancient Greeks) Illustrated this idea actually by the use of Wheat in their many festivals honoring our existence. Wheat is one the seeds are many, many seeds are one.

Another story also depicting this was the Pomegranate that was given by the underworld God, Hades to Persephone. Pomegranate is one but it’ s seeds is many and so on.

The book is an enjoyable read because it is written without any bias or prejudice. They are the thoughts of a man that is looking to find out more about himself.

By learning about who you really are you are in effect learning and how the world operates and functions, the answers are always found within if you ask the right questions.

I liked the fact that the author used known objects and situations to illustrate his points and to make you think. The philosophers stone, Resurrecting Osiris, and the holy grail is some of the ammunition he utilizes to associate and to transmit his soul’s status successfully.

Return to Gnosis will invoke in you the need to ask questions. It will urge you to be able to search and not just believe. This book is a lovely motivational collection of deep thought stories that I highly recommend.


Andreas Michaelides

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