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Book Review: 5 Ingredient Cookbook: Quick and Easy Mediterranean recipes for campers, boaters and hikers

Photograph by Monlaw

5 Ingredient Cookbook: Quick and Easy Mediterranean recipes for campers, boaters and hikers by Maia Sautelet is a handy book that was born out of life.

The author had to find a way to produce tasty dishes while she was traveling on a boat and cooking in a small kitchen.

In my opinion, she managed to produce an accommodating and practical menu of recipes that reflect the reality of the traveling situation.

Each recipe has a minimum of 5 ingredients, it’s easy and fast to make and judging from the photos they look delicious.

I am a vegan myself, so I am definitely going to try and make some of the vegan recipes that it’s in the book. Furthermore, the book is primarily based on a Mediterranean diet which comparing with other foods has more health benefits.

Also, it has dishes that are based on animal products, so it covers vegans, vegetarians and omnivores.

The book is divided into sections like salads, fish, meat or eggs dishes, vegetables with rice, pasta, grains or potatoes, bread and flatbread and desserts, and puddings.

What I really loved about the book is also the beautiful photos of the dishes and even from the trip the author made. They give an elegant touch.

Preparation time is presented for each recipe. The author also lists the items she uses to prepare the food and also some ingredients that are not part of the 5 main ones.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow and do not leave any issues for misunderstanding.

One thing I thought it was lacking was maybe a nutritional profile for each dish for people that keep track of their calorie intake.

It is very helpful. Useful. Hands-on, a practical cookbook with easy to make recipes and delicious food.

Andreas Michaelides

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