q Book Review: Project Bodi: Awaken the Power of Insight
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Book Review: Project Bodi: Awaken the Power of Insight

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Project Bodi: Awaken the Power of Insight by Hosein Kouros-Mehr combines two fundamental truths about human nature. Creation and destruction.

Even that the plot of the book is being unfolded in the year 2030, it addresses a plethora of present social problems. Issues like drug abuse, distraction, and loss of focus because of the use of our mobile phones and the social media, the ability to calm the conscious mind so it will receive information and solutions from our untapped in potential subconscious mind.

Unusual meditations techniques are explained and presented in the book. Furthermore, the story of the book was around three main characters that somehow illustrates the socioeconomic status of many societies. You have the boss (The fictional Google SEO) the middleman (Beth) and the working man (Austin).

The book showed quite beautifully I must say that if these three social classes allow their ego at the door and work together, they can achieve spectacular things and promote the betterment of human society to levels of beneficial prosperity.

On the other hand, if each class or each person hides behind its ego then nothing gets done, and progress stops.

The author touched some new issues like Amazon’s monopoly and predicted that in the future it will break into three companies! 2030 is near, and I am really excited to see if the writer’s predictions come true.

It is a well-researched book both as the characters is a concern and also the possible future outcomes of our near future. The characters psyche are well searched, and you can feel the depth of their existence.

If you want to learn the future of Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft, then you should read this book. Furthermore, it is a fantastic meditation guide that will help you find your center and focus on the moment thus helping you to break away from the everyday anxieties and unnecessary stresses of life.

Also, the explanation of how the unconscious mind helps us overcome everyday problems was a lovely surprise for me, and the shapes and diagrams that were used in the book made the whole concept even more evident.

Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in the lives of the future the author describes. AI for me is a double edge sword. Depends on how far as a race will allow it to control or aid our lives.

There is a fine line between allowing technology to make as smarter or make us lazy couch potatoes.

The author by presenting the characters using AI in their lives shed some light on possible scenarios and how it will affect our way of living.

Overall a perfect book and I highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed at all.

Andreas Michaelides

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