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Book Review: The Power of Time Perception: Control the Speed of Time to Slow Down Aging, Live in the Moment, and Make Every Second Count Now

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The Power of Time Perception: Control the Speed of Time to Make Every Second Count by Jean Paul Zogby is an amazing book that will change the way you perceive time.

I love books that shift my mindset on issues or events. This book made me realize that the way I understand time is completely untrue.

The fact that there is a delay even of a minuscule of milliseconds for a visual event to be processed from the time our eyes collect the information and the final result our brain is constructing for us showed me that we are experiencing our environment in delay. The things we see, hear, and sense is, in essence, our past!

That was one of the many beautiful and well-researched information that this book presents in a structured and functional way.

Another example of the incredible mind blowing info that this book contains is how we perceive time in a graphic way. People that write from left to right, mostly people from western countries, assume that the past it’s on their left side present somewhere in the middle and the future on the right side.

On the contrary, people that write from right to left (people from Arabs countries and Israel), they consider the past to be on their right side present in the middle and future on their left!

People that right from top to bottom, (people from Asian countries) consider the past to be on top, present somewhere the middle and future in the bottom.

This is excellent information to have because it shows to a big degree the different philosophies of the various countries, mindsets, and cultures.

This book is also a fabulous treasure of information that will help you improve your social interactions both at the personal level and also in business level.

This book is must have, I see it as an investment in improving my skills in a plethora areas of my life both on a personal level nut also on a business level.

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