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Book Review: Picking Up The Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself For The Love And Relationship You Deserve

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Picking Up The PiecesI received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Picking Up The Pieces: Rebuilding Yourself For The Love And Relationship You Deserve by Dee Simone is a very comprehensive book about rebuilding yourself to find the relationship and love that you deserve.

The book is primarily written for women that are trapped in a labyrinth of bad relationships. This book is an efficient down-to-earth guide for women that want to stop having failed relationships.

It covers a lot of issues that a woman should take into consideration and also fix in her life to be able to attract the right man into her life.

It is a convenient book with lots of exercises to do which will help you recognize the mistakes you did with your previous failed relationships and shows you how not to repeat them. I really loved the engagement the exercises offer with the reader. It is a beautiful touch and kudos to the author for having them in the book.

Except for the exercises and the practical aspect of the book, there is a lot of human and psychological analysis of how men think and behave.

I am not a woman, but the philosophy can be applied to both sexes. I really learned a lot about myself. I did all the exercises, I had to twist the questions for men, but it was a fun thing to do. Also, the book helped me realize and understand a lot of issues I had with my ex-wife and even see and comprehend a lot of her behavior, especially her jealousy scenes.

Furthermore, this book helped me realize and find out some of my insecurities. This will allow me to address the issue, solve my problem, recognize where I am wrong. This will enable me to change for the better and pursue a more positive path for me in the future.

This book has the ability to help you become better, and I know a lot of women will sense this impressive ability when they read it. That’s why it’s divided into two parts. The first part it’s the practical one with most of the exercises and the second part is where a lot of aspects of dating is explained and analyzed to the core.

You can see from the many real-life examples the author is presenting that she is an expert in dealing with romantic relationships.

Her advice in the book is down to earth and to echo the realization that the writer helped a lot of women in real life finding their real love.

It is my valid conclusion that the author wrote this book firstly to help women escape the dead ends of bad relationships, but at the same time, I think to tell men what women really want and how they should behave too if they want a good woman on their side.

The author gave many explanations about human relationships but one I really liked and it did clarify a lot of things for me was the fact that a lot of guys consider getting married a piece of paper. They use that as an excuse so they won’t marry their girlfriends.

The explanation given by the writer was that the reason guys do that is that their girlfriends instead or treating them as their boyfriends they treat them as their husbands in the hope they will propose.

This explanation was to the point, and it’s true. Many women instead of treating their boyfriends as that their boyfriends they treat them like their husbands. Moving in together, clean for them, cook for them, etc.

Another aspect that I found very helpful and useful was the explanation of how our brain is hardwired over the years with false emotions and emotional scars that prevent us from pursuing a healthy relationship.

Just a small sample of how this beautiful book rolls.

The language is understandable and easy to follow. The flow is fantastic to the point of addictive. Every time I had to stop I would count the time where I could get back to the book so I can discover and find out another tip about women, men, and love.

This book is for women that want to find out what are they doing wrong when they date. They will find out what to say on their first date, what to wear and how to prepare for it.

They will find out which topics to avoid on a first date and when they should have sex for the first time in the relationship.

They will educate their selves to avoid getting wrong advice from friends, family, and acquaintances.

This book was written by a woman who knows about romantic relationships, and the number of issues that she addresses is more than enough to help you gain back your lost self-esteem, self-confidence. This book will teach a woman to start taking responsibility for their actions and for their choices.

This book is a treasure of knowledge, and every woman should read it. It pretty much covers everything you need. I will definitely give this book to my daughter when she old enough to start dating.

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