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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Book review: Not Far From The Tree

Photograph by S. Hermann & F. Richter

Not Far From The Tree Kindle Edition by Eric Simmons is an inspiring memoir written by a man that does not take no for an answer and you better not tell him that something cannot be done and especially not be done by him.
The book’s pace is vigorous and genuine. There is no boring moment in the entire book, it keeps you on your feet and in suspense. It is the authors desire to achieve with this book a legacy for his children which in my opinion succeeds with flying colors.
Primarily I love this book because it is written having in mind the love of his mother. A mother that raised the author on her own, a single parent that against all the odds managed to give to the author all the ammunition that allowed him to be a great man. Eric Simmons is a great, man and his mother was a great woman thus the title of the book: Not far from the Tree.
I enjoyed the individual stories of the author I connected very much with them. I mostly enjoyed the arbiters hunt to find his ancestry, and I think it is time to make an account I ancestry.com myself.
If you are a person that wants to be inspired and especially if you are a black person, then this book, in my opinion, is a lighthouse of inspiration, life lessons and a path to improve, better and succeed in your life.
Highly recommended!
I was offered the opportunity to read this book for free to give an honest review.

Andreas Michaelides

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