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Book Review: Man Alive: Free your mind. Reclaim your health. Discover your true nature

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Man Alive: Free your mind. Reclaim your health. Discover your true nature  by Jordan Travers is a very well research book that aims to help the reader to become healthier.

I agree with everything in the book except the diet that the author proposes. Meat consumption is proven to cause a plethora of chronic diseases.

Other than that, the author presents hard facts that are based on scientific data and also on his personal experience as a health coach.

It tackles both the psychical and spiritual aspect of our being. It is a book that gives you value and each page is full of useful information that if you apply them, you will improve your health and mental situation also.

This very informative book is divided beautifully into four basic units that according to with the author someone should pay attention if he or she wants to see improvement in his/her life.

The categories are Mind, Nature, Nutrition, and Movement. As I said at the beginning of my review, I slightly disagree on the Nutrition area but the rest of the categories a lot of them I knew and also tried and currently applying. For example, Wim Hof’s Method is something that I am experimenting now, and I am reading his books.

Also I found fascinating and useful the information about supplementation. It gives a brief explanation of why you should supplement and which nutrients should supplement. Again I disagree with the use of fish oil to get Omega 3 you can get omega 3 ( EPA and DHA from algae).

Overall a handy book which I am sure I will have it as a reference in the future. A helpful guide that will save you money and time if you buy this book.

Andreas Michaelides

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