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Book Review: A Quick Start Guide to Methadone Maintenance Counseling

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A Quick Start Guide to Methadone Maintenance Counseling by Abraham H. Kou (Author), and Karen Y. Mechanic (Foreword) is a very practical and to the point scientific, medical and methodical manual on how and what to know about the use of Methadone.

It covers a lot of facts about the Methadone Maintenance, and even that is a short book it manages to cover the critical points of the Issue at hand.

The book primarily addresses for professionals that are working in the area of opioid addiction. Saying that the book does offer useful information to anyone that wants to learn a little bit more about the procedure and is willing to learn a bit of medical terminology.

The book’s approach is a general one, it covers the treatment of an addict from a spherical perspective, motivation, Support, Spirituality, nutrition and exercise and so many more useful aspects of the recovery.

The author managed to write a very hands-on and useful book, and it will save a lot of time and money to people that are interested in the specific subject.

Andreas Michaelides

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