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Book Review: Investing Should Be Easy: Why Investing Works: A Practical Guide for the Everyday Consumer

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Investing Should Be Easy: Why Investing Works: A Practical Guide for the Everyday Consumer by Alex Richwagen is what the title says.

I really enjoyed the book because it is my kind of manual, full of useful practical examples on how to do something.

The author knows what is writing about since everything that mentions in his book was tried and applied by him.

I am also delighted that I read a book that actually states the obvious that to make money, you have to invest money and not gamble as most people do with the stock market or other related markets.

The book presents in a straightforward and easy way how to start investing with the ultimate goal to double your money in about 6 to 7 years.

It tells us what to buy, and what not to buy, which kind of strategies to follow and which paths not to take.

This book is a beautiful and safe lighthouse that will enable our economic boat to sail into profitable harbors.

If you are a young man or a woman that is thinking about their future, then this book is a goldmine of knowledge. Also, if you are a bit older like me, then reading this book might help you with your already current investments and also maybe create some new.

The book covers everything, stocks, mutual funds, taxes, bonds, and all you need to know. Furthermore, it presents to you ways to be able to pick and evaluate stocks.

Simply put this book will save you time and literally money. It will put you ahead of the game.

Andreas Michaelides

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