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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Book Review: Having a Showdown with Mental Illness

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Having a Showdown with Mental Illness by Mary Khazak Grant is a beautiful personal story full of up and downs. It is a practical guide (Sixteen excellent self-help chapters). It is a step by step self-help book that is primarily meant for persons that were and still are inflicted by chronic mental illnesses.

This book shows to people with chronic mental situations the necessary steps that they should do to achieve a level or stability and cure in their life. It took 19 years for the author to reach her goals and dreams which were to live a healthy and meaningful life away from the horrors of mental illness.

The author notes that her book guide might help others in a shorter period as her situation was rather filled with a lot of unfortunate circumstances. The author also says that if you follow this guide, you might not get cured. Her way of self-helping herself can be useful with a compilation of approved treatments by medical doctors and medications.

I found a lot of inspiring and helpful ideas in this book, even that I did not suffer from any mental illness. I did a brief situation of a severe depression when I was a student, and on a small level I can relate and connect with the authors struggle to regain her personality and her sense of well-being.

The book is full of optimism, and I enjoy that aspect. It is not a dark paper; it is cheerful and full of hope. The author by sharing her adventures is showing to the reader how and what to do to accelerate his or her recovery.

This book also applies to all the people I think because it provides solutions to practical issues, it presents tactics to follow, and character building attributes to adopt.

Patience is advocated, a way to construct a plan which you will follow to start betting and healing your psyche. Deals with how you should behave, how to boost your confidence. How to use the ability to learn to your advantage. The first par of the book provides and analyses ways to start fighting and reclaiming your life.

Part two is a series of blogs that the author wrote over time, and they deal mostly on how she dealt with her mental illness. It covers a plethora of issues about mental health, and if you have mental disease or a professional in the field of mental health, then you should read these articles.

I highly recommend reading this book it will help you understand what people with chronic mental illness go through and how to be able to help them.

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