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Got Milk?

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Not anymore!  And that’s because I read and searched and researched and I will always keep searching and researching the physiology of Homo sapiens. After our mother, well the ones that were lucky enough to breastfeed naturally weans us out we don’t need any more milk for the rest of our lives.

I used to be a heavy drinker of processed cow milk until the age of 17. I would consume 2 liters of cow milk daily because I was on my teens and I was developing and I needed milk to make strong bones.  That was the established “truth” back then, that’s what I believed myself and it is sadly what a lot of people believe until today. People will defend their right to drink the milk of another species and they will even tell you that is nutritious and healthy for you. They will do it for many reasons one of them is the emotional bond they have with milk, I mean how many of us find the commercials of kids having a milk mustache cute? Raise your hands.

Dairy Industry has won…

The dairy companies have won the advertising war and they indoctrinated you into thinking that the milk of another animal is good for you, well  I am here to try to prove to you that this is not the case.

Some of you reading this line will say are you mad, of course, we need milk to get calcium so we build strong bones. Some of you are not even reading this article they probably close this webpage and went to read something else.

Milk and especially cow’s milk is not good for you. It’s filled with saturated fat, which is the worst fat you can consume and also cholesterol. Both of them contribute to the development of heart conditions like heart attacks, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and so much other nice so-called “western” diseases. The calcium that is in cow’s milk is not well absorbed by the human body and is especially high in a protein called casein which is responsible for developing type 1 diabetes in babies and also promotes certain types of cancer.  I don’t want you to believe me but If you are really interested in finding out if its true then I suggest you read the book China Study by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.

Except for the saturated fat, cholesterol, growth hormones, and high levels of protein which are completely unsuited for our DNA, milk contains pus and is full of antibiotics! Yep, you are reading right.  The cow’s milk you drink has pus inside. I am going to paint a sad picture here. Women are going to relate better than men. Now imagine that you are enclosed in a box where you can only stand, you cannot move or walk around. Now imagine you just gave birth and a man with white robes came and took your baby away. Then they strap these breast pumps on your breasts and they start taking the milk that was supposed to feed your baby. Now imagine those pumps never leave your breasts until you stop producing any more milk. In time your breasts get inflamed from the overuse and pus from the wounds starts to get into the milk you produce. That’s how you have pus in the milk.

Now, having an animal living like that, indoors, without any ability to move, no sunshine, not getting its natural food which is grass, it’s only a matter of time before it gets sick, so the smart homo sapiens that enslave this animal for profit, they give them antibiotics so they don’t get sick. Those antibiotics end up in the milk.

After they get that milk they send it to package factories where they pasteurize it which means boil the “shit” out of it. The little vitamins or minerals left on that white substance are now dead.

So the next time you go buy milk from a shop I want you to really think of what you are actually buying and what you are actually putting into your body.

What you consume when you drink cow’s milk is a white substance, full of antibiotics, pus, saturated fat, and cholesterol and the worst of all, the calcium which we are supposed to drink milk for is not absorbed as easily as other plant-based alternative forms.

Cow’s Formula an Evil Invention… (Excerpt from my book)

Now cow’s formulas are poison for the baby, cow’s milk has completely wrong all the analogies of the key ingredients a human baby needs. Cow’s milk is for little cows, its structure is designed to take a small calf and turn it into a cow in a very short period of time.

A human baby needs years to grow up, our DNA is more elegant, sensitive and it takes longer for our physiology to grow. By giving cow’s milk to human babies you are forcing the baby on a cellular level to grow faster than it’s designed in the first place. That my friends it’s the definition of cancer. When cells reproduce and grow faster than their intended and designed speed.

Also, another culprit of the cow’s milk is that it has too high levels of protein (especially casein) and human babies that are predisposed to type one diabetes are prone to get it.

If you are not going to breastfeed your baby at least consider giving it soy-based formula milk, it’s sure much healthier and you can rest sure your baby will not have the chance of getting type one diabetes or other more serious health problems in the future.

Since I was itching to find out if I was breastfed or not I finally asked my mother yesterday if I was and to my surprise she told me that she did for two months and then she started me on formula, so at least for two months I got a fraction of the immune system the baby gets from mother’s milk and then I was raised on cows formula…

To be continued in my book “The food I grew up with…Veganized! How bad non-human milk is for us you can find more in my first book Thirsty For Health

How much calcium do we need anyway?

That’s an interesting question. How much calcium do we really need? Well, let’s see a few countries and what their department of health suggests to their citizens.

For the United States of America, the intake recommendations for calcium and other nutrients are provided in the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) developed by the Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) at the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (formerly National Academy of Sciences) which is under the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

The FNB established RDAs for the amounts of calcium required for bone health and to maintain adequate rates of calcium retention in healthy people. For age between 19 -50 years old the RDA is 1000mg


Let’s check out Canada.

The Canadians suggest the same intake as the Americans and they also give an upper limit for the same age group of 2500mg


Until now it seems that 1000mg is the magic number. But me being the guy I am always searching let’s have a look in a few more countries.

Australia and New Zealand also have an RDI for adults for 1000mg.


Now let’s see the United Kingdom.

How much calcium do I need?

Adults need 700mg of calcium a day.

You should be able to get all the calcium you need from your daily diet.


Now that’s a bit off isn’t it, I mean that’s a 300mg of Calcium less than the other health departments suggest. How come the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand suggest 1000mg of Calcium daily for Adults aged 19 to 50 and the UK suggests  700mg? I mean the same species living in the UK live in other countries too, the Homo sapiens one, why is this big difference?

Well I searched and researched and I came to the conclusion that sadly the Dietary recommendations are not 100% bias-free, they are controlled and manipulated by the dairy industry, they do not have the health of the public at heart but their decisions are vastly based on their own economic benefit and seats of power either political or economical. A wonderful example of how you can find out of what really goes on and the intrigues that are going on please read  T. Colin’s Campbell’s book China Study, it will open your mind and question everything you think you know.

If you are an adult man or a woman with no serious health issues then a dietary intake between 500 and 700 mg daily will be enough.

Reasons that inhibit the absorption of calcium…

There are many reasons that the Calcium absorption is not adequate, you either don’t get enough calcium from your food or you suffer from malfunction or worst-case scenario both. Also, some people do have a genetic predisposition.

Medicines that treat certain medical conditions can cause osteoporosis. Any treatment or condition that causes calcium or vitamin D to be poorly absorbed can also lead to weak bones.

Another cause of bone loss is for women a drop in estrogen at the time of menopause is a major cause. Also for men, a drop in testosterone as they age can cause bone loss too.

Another culprit for Calcium not getting absorbed is a food rich in Oxalic acid and also Sodium increases calcium excretion so go easy with the salt, go for pink salt (Himalayan) and get rid of that white devil.

Stay away from caffeinated drinks and also the Retinol Form of Vitamin A which interferes with vitamin D absorption which in turn interferes with Calcium absorption.

The retinol form of Vitamin A is found guess where? In animal and dairy products and also supplements, try to reduce your animal and dairy product consumption and also avoid  calcium supplements,  you with thank me later.

Furtermore, smoking, alcohol intake in big quantities and lack of exercise contribute to the creation of weak bones which if not treated will lead at first to osteopenia and then to osteoporosis.

Animal Protein and Calcium loss…

Until recently the medical establishment thought that animal protein because of its acidic promoting environment in the body was responsible for the excretion of calcium to the urine. Calcium does have an alkaline effect. It turns out that 90% of the calcium being excreted by the urine does not come from the bones but from dietary calcium and also the protein does increases the calcium absorption, so at the end the calcium lost and calcium gained was even.

I used to believe that but it turns out that we do not pee our bones away by eating animal protein or too much protein.

Vitamin D and Vitamin K do help with the Iron absorption and it’s a good tactic to make sure you get enough from your diet and if not supplement, especially on winter months where there is no sun it’s a good idea to supplement with Vitamin D3 which is more easily absorbable.

Whatever you do not take any Calcium supplements they do nothing to the increase of your calcium and also scientific studies have shown and linked them with heart attack episodes.


Stay away from animal products and dairy as much as you can, they offer nothing and they poison you from inside out, try to adopt a plant based diet. You can get adequate calcium from a plant based diet easily without the need of supplements.

You can find a very useful list of calcium rich plant based on the following article.

When you cover that you get enough calcium from your diet then I urge you to consider start doing some exercise, preferably outdoors where you can get plenty of sun and vitamin D in the process.

Every time you exercise you create micro raptures to your bones. Your body is not stupid; it goes and heals those small raptures making sure the bone is build stronger. So by exercising you are naturally making your bones stronger.

People with osteoporosis one of the things their doctors advice is to start exercising since its proven it does make their bones stronger, it may sound like an oxymoron but it’s true.

The saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it” rings true for your muscles and your bones; to preserve bone mass, you have to help build your muscles and support your overall skeletal structure.

I hope this article made you think and question the things you think you know.

Andreas Michaelides

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