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Book Review: It Feels Good to Feel Good: Learn to eliminate toxins, reverse inflammation and feel great again

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

It Feels Good to Feel Good: Learn to eliminate toxins, reverse inflammation and feel great again by Cheryl Meyer is an inspirational journey from being sick to achieving a better health status for herself.

The book is overwhelming with a lot of information, I mean I don’t think I ever saw so much meaningful, useful and helpful information gathered in one book.

The author beautifully presents the health issues that had a problem with. Through her personal experience and also her professional experience (she is a certified health coach)  she manages to give the reader a considerable targeted volume of information.

The information, in a nutshell, defines the problem and then offers the solutions that someone should follow to get better.

The writer does warn us that to get rid off of all the toxins our body carries will take a minimum of 5 years. I do agree with the author that change is gradual and I base that assumption on my own experience. I did not wake up one day and said I’ll follow a plant-based lifestyle from now on. It happened gradually and with the right accumulation of knowledge.

This book I think aims to present to the reader the fact that we do not leave in a world where the governments actually care about the well being of their citizens. The countries that actually do that are very few.

I do agree with the author that we need to change the way governments treat their citizens through the power of using our hard earned money more usefully and more healthy.

This book is also convenient because I already knew a lot of the information that the author gives and didn’t really wanted to reread them. For example, I know that GMO products are not suitable for us so I skipped that chapter. Other chapters that I didn’t know anything about like the sensitivity tests, I read it twice and took handy notes of the various tests that out there and also books and doctors I can buy and get advice from.

So having independent chapters was a beneficial addition to the book.

One thing that I do not agree with the author is that she considers grass-fed animals to be a healthy food choice. I am a bit amazed that after all that research she didn’t stumble upon thousands of research papers that proves that animal products grass fed or not are a significant contributor to some of the most significant chronic diseases of our era. (Heart Condition, Stroke, Diabetes II, etc.)

I also found the book very useful because I am at the point where I am reconsidering the home hygiene products I use. I use a vegan cleaning dishwasher liquid that does not harm the environment but other products like toothpaste, soaps, etc. are on my watch list, and this book really helped me see the toxins that they contain and also find out alternatives.

I am sure that I will have this book as a reference all the time when I want to remember something or verify something.

You can really see that the author’s goal is to awake as many people about inflammation and autoimmune issues and I think she did an excellent job.


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