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Book Review: Good Is The Enemy Of Great

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Good Is The Enemy Of Great by Kurt Reece-Peeplez is a fantastic book that advocates that just being good at something should not be satisfactory.

I do agree with the author at some point but life has a way of putting us in autopilot mode, and good is something that we can live on because good is not bad.

Saying that the author is compact, but it is hands on the book. It offers practical steps of what you need to do to stop being good about something and start being great.

It shows a way that you can achieve greatness all the time. It advocates that greatness should be a lifestyle and not just a one-time thing in your life.

It defines levels of goodness lets call it that. You have Good, Best and Great and to promote your self from Good to Best you need to be better1, that’s how the author labels the effort you need to produce to climb that step. From Best to Great we have better2 which is another effort that will take you from just being the best at something to be Great.

The writer also presents a group system, a support system that will allow you to achieve greatness in all of your endeavors.

Finding a mentor, a person that will encourage you not to stop, having an inner support group and a person or persons that will be your anchor and never let quit is according with the author essential tools you must have to achieve greatness and a level of success in whatever you consider to be your goal.

The author used examples from his own personal and professional life to demonstrate the system he proposes.

The book is well written, and it flows really well.

It is a self-help book, a motivational book and I highly recommend it if you feel that you are stuck with your life.

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