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Book Review: Could It Be Gluten?: A guide to understanding the facts about the gluten free diet

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Could It Be Gluten?: A guide to understanding the facts about the gluten free diet. by Em Kennedy is a short book with lots of knowledge? Someone that doesn’t know what Gluten, Wheat sensitivity, celiac disease, and other related illnesses is will find this book very enlighten and helpful.

The author wrote this book based on her own experiences and difficulties she had with gluten and I really value the knowledge that comes from everyday involvement.

I was the same with my weight loss journey, so I know that the information in Em Kennedy’s book is aimed to help you identify possible sensitivities or allergies.

Furthermore, the author presents tests and medical procedures you can do to find out what kind of allergies you have.

It shows you how to detect gluten in your everyday life by keeping a diary. The elimination diet that she proposes is valid and I used to when I was experimenting with a different combination of food.

Also, her web page: provides a plethora of gluten-free recipes which you should definitely check it out.

Overall a very informative book on how to detect if you have any problem with gluten. Also, it shows effectively how to remove gluten from your life.

Highly Recommended.


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