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Book Review: Feeling Good Now – How to be Happy Finding Inner Peace In 30 days

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Feeling Good Now!: How to be Happy & Find Inner Peace in 30 Days by   Ariel Benet Savant is a series of helpful articles joined together to create a very concise and helpful guide. The guide aims to help the reader find his/her inner peace while at the same time achieving happiness. I think the author did an excellent work finding and presenting the right ideas, advice, exercises, and tips that will actually help someone to be at peace with him/herself. It’s being a while since I found my self-shaking my head in agreement with the things that are written in this book. Three short, only two minutes each, exercises aim to cut through the jargon of misinformation and help the reader discover his/her real potential. If you apply the philosophy and method of this small miraculous booklet, you will be able to feel happier every day. You will learn how to reduce stress and anxiety something that most of us don’t know exactly how to deal and handle. You will learn how to be more productive and efficient both on your work and with your personal life. Learn to start positive changes in your life. For only 99 cents you can learn how to become a better person by reading and applying the guides and information of this booklet.

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