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Book Review: Changing Directions: Forming a beautiful bond between a mother and teen daughter

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Changing Directions: Forming a beautiful bond between a mother and teen daughter by Eddie Lee and Makhyli Simpson is a lovely practical hands-on guide that will help a mother and a daughter to have a fantastic relationship together.

The guide is convenient, and you actually need to have a pencil or a pan with you because there is a lot of question to answer.

The guidelines, tips, and advice resonate from the life experiences of Eddie (The mother) and Makayli (The daughter), and they do evoke powerful and sometimes dramatic feelings.

Mother and daughter through trial and error have presented to us a unique instruction set that will save money, time, heartaches and lots of unnecessary stress to whoever wants to follow them.

The authors managed to achieve an excellent relationship, one that is based on trust and love and is the ideal relationship a mother should have with her daughter and vice versa.

Even that the book seems to be targeted between the relationship between a mother and a daughter I do believe that the philosophy of the methods presented and analyzed could be applied in other areas of human interaction and can be expanded to relationships of all kids with the little proper changes.

If you are a mother that want to improve your relationship with y our daughter or a daughter that wants to understand why your mother is the way she is then this is the book for you.

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