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Book Review: Would You Rather Be in the Coffin Than Give the Eulogy?

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Would You Rather Be in the Coffin Than Give the Eulogy – how to take the terror out of public speaking and advance your career and social network: A Choker’s Guide to Public Speaking by  Jan Hurst-Nicholson is a fantastic relatively short book that has inside anything you need to know about contacting various forms of public speaking.

It covers a plethora of items like Skype interview, Telephone interview and many more.

The book is practically divided into four instrumental and functional parts. The parts are: Preparing and writing the speech, Delivering the speech, types of speeches and finally Formalities which I found very interesting.

The book was well researched and comprehensive it gives you in a bullet point form what you need to know for each occasion, and I am sure I will have it as a reference on my desk all the time.

Andreas Michaelides

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