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Book Reviews Relationships


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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

RELATIONSHIPS R US by Patrick Broe is a sweet autobiography that I must say made a big impression on my psyche.

The unconditional love and kindness this book emanates if a breath of fresh air.

The author manages beautifully to present to us the vital role of any kind of relationship plays in our busy lives.

It tackles the issue that was always there, but in our busy, stressful life, we tend to forget. The fundamental truth that we are programmed from birth to seek, build and establish meaningful and helpful relationships.

The author manages to prove this fantastic human characteristic by telling his own story and how he went through his own Golgotha with his wife alcohol problems, the impact on himself and on his sons.

He never gives up and with this beautiful unconditional love that he is saturated with punches through any obstacles and manages to get his family back and get out of this ordeal better and stronger. The realization that to forgive others you must first forgive yourself first is something that I took away from this book.

It is an inspirational story for everyone that seeks to find comfort and also a way to break free from his or her life deadends. Nobody should live alone, and this book will help you see it with a set of clear lenses.

Honesty, kindness, and a sense of calm is in the writings of the book. It made me feel good about myself and not many books achieve that.

Andreas Michaelides

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