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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Book Review: Reconciled: #I Got Well

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

Reconciled by David L. Nalls by David L. Nalls is a personal story written with the intent of helping people understand what SUD (Substance Use Disorder) is. I disagree with this term because it beautifies and hides the real problem of the individuals that are under the use of addictive substances. The term addict is more preferable to me.

I was a nicotine addict for 16 years, and this condition keeps me in check and down to reality.

Disagreeing with this acronym doesn’t mean the book doesn’t offer a lot of help. I like books that create an awkward feeling in me and also make me think and re-evaluate people and situations.

The author found his salvation through the Christian Religion, and there is an abundance of quotes from the bible that show its point. The bible quotes were too many for my cup of tea.

The book has a long introduction chapter which I found very interesting, helpful, and also connected with it a lot.

Phrases like “Every time I got paid, it was party time.”

“I never understood how someone could tell me I could recover and then tell me I would always be sick.”

“Recovery is about turning your life around from the inside out.”

These and much more made me remember the path I chose to follow back in 2009 when I decided to quit smoking using the cold turkey method.

I thank the author for reminding me.

The writer presents the fundamental issues that an addict has to face to get better like admitting his weakness. A paramount first step towards the achievement of healing yourself. The author uses his belief in God as a Support System. It worked for him.

Another issue that is also mentioned in the book is Controlling your Thoughts. Prayer and Meditation are advocated, and I do agree with meditation because it did help me with my quitting smoking experience.

Controlling your thoughts is an excellent chapter because it illustrates that to achieve things you need first to think about them. Great accomplishments are born Firstly as ideas in our heads.

The chapter shows that if you‘re willing to do the work that he thoughts are materializing into actions.

I liked this book a lot even if I disagree with some of its methods. It made me remember, and also connect with the personal author’s story. I learned a few things too. I rattle my brain, and any book that does that deserves my attention and appreciation.

Andreas Michaelides

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