q Book Review: Prayer Plus Faith Equals Miracles: 31 Days Of Fervent Prayer
Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Book Review: Prayer Plus Faith Equals Miracles: 31 Days Of Fervent Prayer

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

PRAYER PLUS FAITH EQUALS MIRACLES: 31 DAYS OF FERVENT PRAYER by Sharon Crittenden is a book that is addressed towards people that believe in God.

For me personally, it was too “religious” since I am an atheist, but I will try and present an objective point of view.

I liked the fact that the book addresses the fact that praying should not be done as a way to receive something for your life.

The book is designed to help people deal and face with difficult moments in their life that they need to make tough choices and take actions that are necessary.

It is a practical book, every day has a prayer that you need to use and also enough writing space to put down your thoughts and ideas.

The book claims that if you follow this system, you will be able to allow yourself to be filled with positive feelings and optimistic thinking. It will help you make the transaction from difficult and troubled periods of your life into more serene and beautiful experience.

If you feel that going to church is not enough, then I think this book will help you find the carriage to commit to this 31 days journey and test your faith.

Highly recommend it if you want to explore more possibilities of allowing yourself to create a new relationship with your God and with your faith.

Andreas Michaelides

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