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Book Review: Moon Affirmations: Daily Meditations Using the Moon Phase to Focus Your Energy

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Moon Affirmations: Daily Meditations Using the Moon Phase to Focus Your Energy by Eileen Troemel is a helpful short book that introduces you to possible benefits you might acquire using affirmations that will channel the moons energy towards you.

I have an open mind always, and I did in the past look into sun gazing. If you think about it what we are on a physical level is different bonds of carbon, oxygen and other elements intertwine with each other to produce and provide the versatile environment we live in and also feed on.

We are sunlight, water and earth one of the many different versions of it. Moon takes its light from the sun, so yes I am convinced that spending a few minutes every day gazing at the moon and at the same time medicating is beneficial both for my physiological well-being and also my mental state.

The author beautifully provides explanations of the different phases of the moon and what does each stage helps us with.

The affirmations are there to help us start, but the writer also urges us to make our own if we wish which I found very liberating.

Even if you don’t believe in the positive effect of the moon to our psychological or physical state the fact that it only needs 15 minutes to do this kind of medications it worth your time.

I mean for me what I got from this book is mostly the reminder that sometimes you just need to stop what are you doing and just invest 10 or 20 minutes of your time to calm your soul and put that monkey brain of ours to rest.

Looking at the moon, chanting or not  is always a beautiful calming healthy and energetic experience.

Even if you can’t see the moon from your place, you can always meditate and find your center.

When you find your center then all will be fine, answers to questions will arise and problems that seemed dead ends suddenly become opportunities.

This small short book is a lovely way to someone that wants to calm its spirit. It’s a beginners guide that I highly recommend to anyone interested in bettering their lives.

Andreas Michaelides

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