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Book review: Military Romance: FLY ME HIGHER: (FLY ME HIGH series books 1-4)

Military Romance: FLY ME HIGHER: (FLY ME HIGH series books 1-4) by Elen Free Is a love story. If you like love stories, then this book is for you. Amelia is a college student who likes any young girls has dreams and that she wants to fulfill and desires that needs to be satisfied.

All started when Amelia’s boyfriend Micah breaks off with her because he wants to focus on his professional life and he feels that having a relationship will be something that it will be in his way for success.

Amelia is heartbroken and falls into a depression that is only terminated when her roommate suggests to go and see an air show that is going to happen at the military base next to where they study.

Amelia reluctantly goes and ends up meeting with Spencer. Spencer is a military plane pilot, and it’s love at first side. They spend a beautiful day together and if you want to find out what happens with these to you will have to read the book to know.

The book is well written, there is enough suspense to keep you reading until the end. The loves scenes are tactful and very well thought and orchestrated.

The emotional and inner world of the characters are well researched, and the complexity is enough to make you connect with the plot and with the persons.

This book is perfect if you want to spend your time pleasantly while you are in transit for many hours.

It is a lovely book full of conflicting emotions, actions, people and events that will keep your interest high and your heart on edge.

Andreas Michaelides

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