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Book Review: Chaos to harmony: A different way to face life’s challenges, build resilience, and live the life you want

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Chaos to harmony: A different way to face life’s challenges, build resilience, and live the life you want by Andres Ponciano is a book which aims to provide with the reader all the necessary tools and philosophies to take control of his/her life and follow a path of self-betterment and self-improvement

All the techniques, tips, advice and useful ideas are tested and tried by the author. It is evident that the author read a lot of books about self-help and self-improving which are reflected in the text from the well-targeted ideas and ways of thinking that are analyzed and presented.

The book is separated into five exciting, helpful and useful parts.

First part address the fundamental question of. Who you want to be in your life?  I agree with the author that if you don’t have a goal in your life if you don’t have a calling of what you want to do and what you want to achieve then all the work you do will be for nothing, unfocused and will not bring you happiness.

The second part is dealing with emotions and how they affect the way we make decisions, actions and generally how emotions play a huge role in our life. These chapter address ways and methods on how to control your feelings so we can move on with our goals and our life.

Part three are methods that will help you start improving your life by altering your way of thinking positively. Issues like Paradox, Context are presented and analyzed.

Chapter four is a very hands-on chapter, strategies are presented on how to deal and cope with challenges, obstacles and tests life throws at us.

Finally, chapter five you get your hands and your mind “dirty” by practicing the methods, idea, and tips the previous parts presented.

I really liked this book. It is very well researched and well written. The themes and the objects presented are clear and easy to understand and implement in our everyday life.

It is a book that will definitely help you become a better person as long as you are willing to apply and try the advice, suggestions, and practices that are proposed.

If your life is not what you want or is not what you expected then maybe its time to alter course and search for better ways that will improve towards the results you wish or dream. This book will help you do that if you re willing to put the work and keep an open mind.

This book will save you money and time and will put you ahead of the game of self-improvement.

Andreas Michaelides

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