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Book Review: Awaken A New Myth: Goddess Warrior on the Hero’s Journey (A Toolkit for Awakening Series) (Volume 1)

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Awaken A New Myth: Goddess Warrior on the Hero’s Journey (A Toolkit for Awakening Series) (Volume 1) by Karen La Puma is a spiritual self-help guide that aims in the readers Spiritual uplifting, emotional regeneration and psychological awaking.

The book is efficient, and it’s divided into four parts. First part catalogs and lists what we will need on our journey. It provides an overview of the concepts we must first learn and understand before embarking unto our trip.

The basic ideas if the symbolic meanings of the Goddess, the warrior, and the hero are put in place, and their roles are distinctly explained and defined.

The Toolkit of waking is an authoritative information that the author presents us. One that derived from her personal experience over the years as a spiritual counselor, a teacher, astrologer, hypnotherapist, reiki master, inspirational speaker, and creative storyteller.

The toolkit deals with Metaphysical, Psychological, Mythological and Spiritual issues. It has something for everyone. I liked the Mythological side of the knowledge and how myths can be used to better our lives.

The author tries to show us that every one of us is unique and that the journey we each take is also one of a kind. The cool thing about the philosophical idea behind the awaking and the road ahead is that even is our paths are different the result is the creation of a better world using the guidelines of the awaking toolbox. The law of attraction is also utilized as a tool.

Part two of the book deals with the notion that you accepted the challenge of the journey ahead and helped you with your decision.

Lot’s of stories are presented that show the way of how we can build and empower our character and personality traits.

In this part also questions are set to help us better understand ourselves and why are we on this journey of awaking.

I did all of them, and I must say at the end of the book I sat down and read my answers. A feeling of the beautiful catharsis of my soul occurred, and the heavy chest I had was not somehow lifted vanished in the thin air.

Ecological issues are addressed, fallen civilizations and our own are analyzed. The path of self-destruction is also pointed out.

The author advocates that being happy is our true purpose and I completely agree with her. I find out through my weight loss journey that true happiness comes through health.

When someone is healthy then, in my opinion, is also happy. You can have all the money in the world and have a terminal case of cancer. That’s not being happy.

That’s why I follow a plant-based diet since 2013 because it keeps me healthy and also happy. Saying that I was pleasantly surprised that you can achieve happiness with another way. The way of the Goddess Warrior.

Part three encourages us to appreciate the positive as a meaning. How to behave to achieve this state of being.

Part four is more practical It advises us to use a daily plan and presents a lot of stories from people that benefit her council showing us how this whole procedure works.

The author is on a mission to help as many people as possible to acquire the light of awaking.

It is different ok than the other books about spirituality that I read. It has a lot of photos which personally I found distracting. Others might appreciate them. The author does suggest to read the pictures first, but when I read, I like to read the continuous text.

I highly recommend this book it will make a dent in your soul.

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