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Book Review: Again. Again and Again.: Awakening into Awareness – Essays and Stories

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Again. Again and Again.: Awakening into Awareness – Essays and Stories  by Mathias B. Freese

Mathias B. Freese writings ages like a good wine does. It only gets better and better with time.

His last book Again again and again is a beautiful collection of stories that shows the depth of the author’s knowledge.

Not a dull moment in this book, it will make you laugh, it will make you sad and all the emotions in between.

Anyone that claims to be an intelligent person should buy and read this book, it will open doors and windows that you thought were never there.

You can read the book’s chapter in any order you like they are completely independent with their own start, middle and end and with their own unique meaning.

My favorite chapter was Vade Mecum where the author tries to develop the philosophical and analytical abilities of an English  High-school class by giving them the assignment of describing the interior of their refrigerator.

I quote the passage as it is so you can understand the wonder that is called Mathias B. Freese:

“ I smell the Interior, a potpourri of smell and stink; I feel The interior chill; I sense the claustrophobic space of the  box; I hear the compressor hum; with my hand I explore  the contours of space within as I move it across the dewy  surface: I see the randomness of its contents; I see the old  rings left on the glass trays and the disappearing dew  on some of the cartons; I see particles suspended in half-drunk water bottles, a dust ball at the bottom of the  fridge; I feel how I can endure the open fridge as its cold  embraces me.”

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